NFL Commissioner Says Washington Football Team’s Name “Honors Native Americans,” Native Americans Disagree …

NFL Commissioner Says Washington Football Team’s Title “Honors Native Americans,” Native Americans Disagree | Mother Jones

During his pre-Super Bowl press conference Friday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was questioned if he’d at just about any time call the Native American through the identify in the Washington football team. Goodell hedged, instead saying the particular name continues to be “presented in the approach in which honors Native Americans.” (Goodell sent correspondence to be able to members of Congress last year defending the actual name.)

On Wednesday, ThinkProgress reporter Travis Waldron revealed an exhaustive account associated with your dream to always be able to rebrand the actual slur, revealing the Washington team consulted with Republican advisers–including GOP messaging advisor Frank Luntz (of “death tax” fame), former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer (of Iraq War fame), and former Virginia governor and also US senator George Allen (of “macaca” fame)–on how an individual can handle criticism of the team’s name.

If Goodell, team owner Dan Snyder, along with friends such as Luntz, Fleischer, along with Allen don’t understand the issue, they could want to adopt a new take a glance at an ad the National Congress associated with American Indians released Monday. Watch here:


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